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This Media Release is authorised by the Senior Management and Governing Council of the college in response to recent articles in some sections of the Media.

The college takes its responsibility towards providing education to our students as an approved provider by NZQA very seriously. Regulation of the PTE's is the responsibility of NZQA (which they are well equipped to do). 

Questions also need to be asked behind the motives of publishing an articles in some sections of media after six months?

Mission of our college is to provide outstanding educational programmes and services that are responsive to our students and diverse communities.

  • ‘Imperial College of New Zealand’ had its NZQA’s External Evaluation and Review conducted in April 2016; EER report (finalised in June 2016) confirms its excellence in Educational performance, Excellence in value to stakeholders and Excellence in teaching divisions
  • Imperial has met the NZQA’s external national moderation with 100% satisfactory outcome in the year 2014 and 2015
  • Imperial has achieved a satisfaction level of 90% from its students (refer to results from students surveys conducted through survey monkey).
  • Imperial has maintained high quality education and best student support for our students (academic and personal) since its inception.
  • The college refute the statement published in some section of media and can confirm that currently there is no issue with plagiarism. Our students are well trained, encouraged and counselled and made to understand that academic dishonestly has 0% tolerance at Imperial. If it is still identified, students are terminated straight away following the mandatory procedure.
  • The college has been using plagiarism detection software which was acknowledged in the EER also conducted by NZQA. Our Staff has been further trained under the professional development program with latest plagiarism detection methods.   

The percentage of visa refusal rate publicised in the article is incorrect. And how (as claimed) visa which has never been granted can be classified as Fraud. It was a vague statement, which in our view is damaging to the overall international education sector of NZ.  Immigration New Zealand has authority to grant the visa after carefully assessing each application against various criterion (education, English finance etc). Colleges are not authorised to grant the visa to potential students.

The college explicitly reserves its right to claim damages to its reputation against individuals or organisations.

We invite any student or concerned parties to direct questions to the management via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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