Admission - International Students

Admission - International Students

Student Engagement before Enrolment

Imperial College of New Zealand is committed in providing all its students with complete information about its courses, course requirements, place of delivery, fees and refunds, complaints and appeals procedure etc. This is for the purpose of helping any potential student make an informed decision in terms of his/her study objectives and preferred learning style.


Prior to enrolling any student, Imperial College of New Zealand provides the following key information via its prospectus and student handbook: Course entry requirements, Course structure, Campus location(s), Facilities for students and policies on Student Pastoral Support and Welfare, Student Academic Support, Student Information and Student Handbook, Student Entry, English Language Requirements and Pathway Plan, Student Enrolment, Student Cross and Transfer Credit, Recognition of Prior Learning, Student Orientation, Student Attendance and Academic Performance Requirements, Student Behaviour and Discipline, Student Complaints and Grievance, Student Accommodation, Student Files and Records and Fee refund.


Applications for admission must be made using the Application for Enrolment - International form. Students must complete all the sections of the Application for Enrolment and send the completed application to ICNZ along with supporting documents. Completed Application for enrolment is processed by ICNZ and the application assessed on the basis of the information supplied. Completion of the Application for enrolment does not imply that ICNZ will make an offer to the student. When prospective students apply to enter ICNZ to study, the following procedure applies:

  • The enrolling staff member will ensure that the enrolling students are aware of ICNZ’s Student Handbook.
  • ICNZ assesses the applicant’s previous educational qualifications (either obtained in New Zealand or overseas) to check they are appropriate for studying at the required level of the proposed qualification
  • The applicant is also assessed to determine whether they meet the required entry level competencies including English language requirements for the particular qualification in which the student wants to enrol
  • Successful applicants will be sent an offer letter by the Admission officer
  • Applicants wishing to accept the offer must pay the fee requested in the letter of offer. Once the fee is received by ICNZ, confirmation and a fee receipt will be sent to the Student, which student will then send to New Zealand Immigration to facilitate the issuing of a student visa
  • Once Student will receive visa, student will attend orientation.

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